We often use the internet for downloading our favorite movies for free but do you know that it is illegal? There are basically two ways to download a movie from the internet. First, we have to buy a movie from some legal content providing site and then download it. Second, we can download it for free by using websites like TamilRockers. The second method to download movies is illegal because Tamilrockers.com is a well-known piracy website that provides movies illegally to its users.

Tamilrockers.com has gained a lot of fame in recent time by leaking several Bollywood movies in HD formats on its official website. You can find movies of different genres, languages on Tamilrockers.com and download all those movies for free. It does not matter if you love to watch Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, Hindi or English cinema. Tamilrockers.com has all the latest movies that can be downloaded for free. If we say that Tamilrockers.com is the Indian version of Pirate Bay then I won’t be wrong.

Tamilrockers.com provides content for free to its users with a torrent client and it is one of the biggest reason of its populairty. This website is constantly updated with the latest movies to keep their users engaged. If you live in India then you probably know about the Tamilrockers.com. You might not feel but Tamil Rockers has caused a lot of losses to the Indian film industry by leaking movies online.

Indian Government has tried its best to stop Tamil Rockers from leaking movies online because it was harming the entertainment industry. To stop Tamil Rockers, Government has banned the URL of the website several times but this website goes online again with a new name every time after the ban. Owners of this website change the extension of the URL and make the website live within some time.

There are also some other ways that people use for accessing this website. Users either use VPN services to change their location from India to some other country and access the website’s content or they use proxy websites to get TamilRocker’s access. Tamil Rockers is one of the highly used piracy websites in India that has been in the news for all the wrong reasons. But somehow, Tamil Rockers is still working with a different domain name, with a different extension.

With the above information, We tried to provide you all the information about the TamilRockers website. All the content that we have provided for TamilRockers is for reference only. We do not support or promote piracy in any way.


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