All these apps for Android have dark mode

The dark mode is becoming common in Android applications. While we wait for this theme to reach WhatsApp, which is still working on it, other applications have set foot on the accelerator and already offer this requested night mode to its users.

Exemplary is the case of Telegram, a platform where you can activate the dark mode manually and automatically according to your needs. However, it is not the only app with this function. Maybe you did not know, but there are many other applications for Android that have a dark mode that you can use from now to protect your view or the battery of the mobile.

16 Android apps that have dark mode

Google Photos

Google Photos for Android

The dark mode on the photography platform of the big G is now available for Android Q users. If you do not have this version of the operating system, do not despair, the dark mode of Google Photos is about to arrive for you. The design of the app remains the same, although now the colors are changed to darker ones that do not become completely black.

Download Google Photos


Youtube for Android

You could not miss the dark mode on this platform so important for Google. In mid-2018, the global deployment of the dark theme for this service began, and now you can activate it manually when you need it. From Account> Settings> General> Dark theme, you can turn off the screen colors while watching your favorite videos.

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Photo Gallery Pro Memory

Photo Gallery for Android

Organize your photos with the dark theme in the Memory Photo Gallery Pro interface, an app that replaces Google Photos without problems. This option is not available in the free version of the application, so you will have to pay € 1.99 for the pro version if you want to enjoy the dark mode. The design of the app is the same, you will only see how the colors change to ideal blacks when you use the mobile in places with low light.

Download Photo Gallery


Snapseed for Android

Google is the developer of this mobile photo editing app, so the dark theme could not be missing from it. From Settings> Dark Theme, you can enable the app to change to darker colors that don’t become completely black. From there, you only have to take advantage of all the functions of an app that shows that you do not have to turn on the computer to edit photos with quality.

Download Snapseed


Messenger for Android

Facebook has waited until 2019 to introduce the dark mode in one of its most important apps, Messenger. Activating the dark theme in the Android application is extremely easy, you just have to enter your account by clicking on your profile picture and activate the option that appears below the image so that the interface goes from white to black.

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Viber Messenger

Viber Messenger for Android

We continue with the communication applications to talk about Viber Text Messaging app, a platform that allows you to send messages or make calls and video calls with users from all over the world for free. Do not expect a 100% dark interface when activating the night mode, the colors are more similar to dark blue than black.

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Tusky for Mastodon

Tusky for Mastodon for Android

This app is a good tool to be in Mastodon, the social network that wants to stand up to Twitter. Tusky for Mastodon supports all the features of the platform, from images to emojis, and also has a dark theme for when you need it. What more could you ask for?

Download Tusky for Mastodon


Skype for Android

Although Skype’s popularity has fallen in recent years, the platform is still a good option to make video calls with other users. In addition, it has a dark theme that is missing in other apps such as WhatsApp and that you can activate from the application settings.

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Slack for Android

The growth of Slack, a communication app for companies, has been remarkable in recent years. In addition to the functions for messaging and sending files, this application also offers the dark mode that your users need when there is low light around them.

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Google Keep

Google Keep for Android

Google Keep, the notes application for Android, could not be missing in the list of apps with dark Google theme. Say goodbye to the lights in Keep by entering the side options menu, clicking on Settings and activating the Enable dark theme option.

Download Google Keep

Fenix ​​2 for Twitter

Fenix 2 for Twitter for Android

If the Twitter app does not convince you or has multiple failures on your mobile, you can use this client for the microblogging social network. Do not worry, because you can enjoy the dark mode that is also on Twitter when you want to catch up when you get into bed at night.

Download Fenix 2 for Twitter

Google Calendar

Google Calendar for Android


Getting the most out of Google Calendar is easy with these 15 tricks that you should remember well when using the app. Being a Google service, Calendar also has a dark mode that will come in handy when there is hardly any light around you. From Settings> General> Theme, you can enable that dark mode we are talking about.

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Todoist for Android

It is not a calendar as such, but with Todoist you can organize your days by adding all the tasks that you have pending and the plans that you have already confirmed. From the app settings, you can enable the dark theme for the interface and choose the highlighted color that will appear in the key design elements.

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Myki: Offline Password Manager & Authenticator

Myki Offline Pssword Manager for Android

You can turn off the screen lights also when saving and protecting all your passwords on your mobile. Myki allows you to enter all your accounts only with your fingerprint, which increases the security of your personal data. While using this app, you can give your dark theme a chance to check its operation.

Download Myki: Offline Password Manager & Authenticator


Phone for Android

If your Android phone is compatible with the Google Phone app, you can not only block SPAM calls or get information about the phone numbers that call you, you can also darken the colors of the application with its dark theme.

Download Phone


Evernote for Android

Synchronize your Evernote account on all your devices to access from any place the handwritten or typed notes you have scanned, the tasks you have pending, etc. Evernote is one of the most outstanding note apps for Android, so it could not miss the dark theme that users demand so much today. Display the side menu in the app and enable the dark theme option so that most of the interface becomes black.

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Conclusion:  All these apps for Android have a dark theme that you can always go to when you need it. Tools, productivity, messaging, multimedia … You have already been able to verify that the dark theme is reaching the different categories of apps, and it won’t be long before it becomes a reality in all the apps you have on your mobile.


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