Google has just launched 5 great apps for you to learn to disconnect from your mobile, try them now!

5 great apps for you to learn to disconnect from your mobile

Google continues to work on its Digital Wellness initiative, which since the arrival of Android 9 Pie began to take more and more prominence among its different platforms. On this occasion, the company has published five new applications for Android, designed to help us disconnect from our devices through ingenious measures.

The new applications are part of the Digital Wellbeing Experiments platform , recently created as a category of the famous Android Experiments with the aim of gathering some of the most interesting tools created by designers and developers from around the world, aimed at raising awareness around the world on how they use their electronic devices, and find a better balance with technology.

Unlock Clock

Unlock Clock

Created by the Google Creative Lab division – like the rest of the tools on this list – Unlock Clock is an animated wallpaper, which will allow us to see how many times we have unlocked our device through a number that occupies most of the screen Of start.

Post box

Post Box app

The second of the experiments launched by Google is Post Box, a tool that can be very useful and convenient, in addition to avoiding unnecessary distractions.

The application works as an “inbox” of notifications, and acts by collecting all the notifications received, to show them at a specific time, instead of allowing each notification to be imported individually. Post Box, in addition, is responsible for organizing notifications in categories and allows you to choose how many times we want to receive them throughout the day.

We flip

We flip apps

Unlike the two previous applications, We Flip is a tool intended to be used in groups. Through the Nearby Connections API, the app identifies the devices of the rest of the people in our group – as long as they have the app installed – and will show a switch on the screen of each terminal. By deactivating the switch on all of them simultaneously, the digital disconnection session will begin.

As soon as one of the people in the group activates the switch again, the session will be over and We Flip will show a summary of how it went.

Desert island

Desert Island apps

The penultimate of the experiments is Desert Island, a tool that, honoring its name, isolates us so that we are only able to use the essential applications, blocking the execution of the rest of the apps that could distract us.


Morph apps

The list of applications concludes with Morph. Its operation is similar to that of Desert Island, but this time the app allows us to select the apps that we could need at every moment of the day, whether we are at home, at work, on vacation, or in any other situation that we can configure them.


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