These are the best-designed Android apps of 2019, according to Google

Best Designed App

As every year at this time, Google has just announced the winners of the Material Design Awards aimed at applications with the best design experience published on Google Play over the last year.

This year there are four chosen by the jury, as the company itself announces on its official design page. Each of the winning applications has been awarded a different category, which the company describes as follows:

  • Experience: a creative and effective display of interaction, navigation, and content at the service of powerful user experience.
  • Theming: expressive brand identity and executed with Material Design, including the consistent application of color, typography, and shapes
  • Innovation: demonstrated ability to build and extend the Material Design system in new directions.
  • Universality: inclusive and considered design created based on the needs of the users.

Winners of the Material Design Awards 2019

1. Ruff: Theming

Ruff app

This free app of notes and texts takes the prize for the best-theming thanks to its strong identity, which according to Google “allows users who take notes of the application to quickly capture their thoughts in any style.”

2. Reflectly: Innovation

Reflectly journal

Reflectly wants to become your personal diary, and it does so through intelligent functions that make registering your daily life an intuitive and enjoyable experience. From its design, Google says that “the skillful experience of incorporating the application applies smooth transitions and a playful language to guide new users through the configuration.”

3. Scripts: Experience

Scripts learn apps

Learning new languages ​​is not easy. However, Scripts tries to facilitate the learning process of Chinese, Japanese and Korean thanks to an “ingenious solution through its intelligent use of touch screen capabilities.”

4. Trip.com: Universality

Trip.com apps

To conclude, the Trip.com travel organization and management app receives the Universality award thanks to aspects such as support for 19 different languages, a format, and typography that builds a well-defined visual hierarchy and that is maintained throughout the app and bright colors that make the travel search and booking process excellent for the entire global audience of the application.

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