The essential apps that I always install on my Android mobile

Our smartphone would be nothing without its applications and it is they who allow us to do many different things. Do you want to edit videos? Do you want to book a flight? You can do almost anything you can think of.

Although in Google Play Store we can find a huge catalog, we all have some applications that we need in our day to day, those essential that we can not miss. Today you can meet mine. These are the applications that I always install on my Android mobile.

Apps by categories

1. Instant Messaging Apps
2. Keyboards
3. Cloud storage apps
4. Customization apps
5. Music apps
6. Photography apps
7. Weather apps
8. File Browsers
9. News apps
10. Finance apps

Instant messaging

WhatsApp and Telegram:

whatsapp for android

One of the main functions of our phones is to be able to communicate with friends, family, people at work … There are currently two queens applications in instant messaging, Telegram and WhatsApp. WhatsApp is the most used worldwide, although Telegram can boast of offering endless possibilities beyond those of a chat app.

Telegram for Android
Two essentials on any phone, totally free and with a fairly high rate of updates. If you dare to try Telegram further, you can try Telegram X, available on Google Play, with a better design, animations, and functionalities.
Although most of my contacts use WhatsApp, Telegram is a must on my Android for several reasons, but above all, for its channels.

Download Whatsapp

Download Telegram



Gboard for android

There are many manufacturers that include their own keyboard. This can be useful and have a friendly interface, although we have our preferences. The Google Keyboard is our number one, with a ridiculous energy and resource expenditure, compatibility with GIFs, stickers, customizable themes …

If you don’t like the simplicity of Gboard, you can opt for Swiftkey, also in Google Play, a heavier and more complete keyboard, which focuses on personalization and predictions. More than 100 million downloads guarantee it, and even some OEMs have agreements to incorporate it as a native keyboard.

Download Gboard

Cloud storage

Google Photos:

Google Photos for Android

Far are the times in which we had to pass the photographs to a microSD card, or connect the cable to the mobile to save them on the PC. Currently, thanks to Google Photos, all our photos are automatically saved in the cloud. The loss of quality is minimal, but storage is unlimited, so you can save everything you need.

Download Google Photos

Google Drive:

Google Drive for Android

On the other hand, we have services such as Google Drive, to store our files in the cloud for free, with certain limitations as far as GB is concerned, but with rather economical storage expansion plans. Some alternatives are Dropbox and Mega.

Download Google Drive


Nova Launcher:

Nova Launcher for Android

I have used many other android-launcher app, but in the end, I always end up returning to Nova Launcher. It works really well and its options allow me to modify all the aspects that I want. I am not looking for thousands of possibilities, transitions, and spectacular effects, I just want to be able to customize some sections and make the system move smoothly.

Download Nova Launcher

Zooper Widget:

If you want to get even more out of personalization on Android, Zooper Widget can not be missing on your smartphone, because it is the most complete and customizable suite to create widgets that you can find on Google Play.
Now in the hands of MyColorScreen, the truth is that Zooper Widget threatened to disappear from Android but returned by popular acclaim. And is that getting design widgets with this application is as simple as installing it, find a package of pre-configured widgets – some also free in Play Store for download – and add it to your desktop using the app configurator.

Zooper Widget for Android

Creating our own widget designs is a somewhat more complex task, as the manager is not so intuitive and the number of options is infinite. Even so, once the Zooper Widget trick is taken, it will allow you to take your desktop to a maximum level of customization, and it will do so with a free and paid version that activates many more options.

Download Zooper Widget


One of the advantages of using a custom launcher is the possibility of using custom icon packs. In my case, I use Cygnus, a series of icons with a very flat and minimalist look, very matching with the wallpaper app that we just mentioned.

Cygnus for Android

Download Cygnus



If you listen to music when you go on public transport or put the speakers to the fullest when you are at home, it is well worth subscribing to Spotify Premium. Using the application without paying is frustrating, jumping between songs that you don’t want to hear until you can’t spend more. I have no doubt, it is the best app to enjoy music offline.

Spotify for Android

Download Spotify


Google Camera:

There are many users who ask us about the best camera applications for Android, and our recommendation is that there are none in the Play Store. The only application that really improves the quality of the camera is the GCam cover of the Google Pixel, APK that can only be found in XDA, and that according to each terminal requires one installation method or another.

Google Camera for Android

The cameras of the terminals, currently, come with customized modes, optimized for them, and although a third-party app can give us more control, it is difficult for them to process the images better. The Google camera adds portrait mode even if you have only one camera, and usually improves postprocessing, so give it a try if you want to improve the quality of your camera.

Download Google Camera

TouchRetouch:TouchRetouch for Android

TouchRetouch is one of my favorite applications since it allows me to do something in seconds that would take me a few minutes in PhotoShop. It is an application to remove elements from photographs without leaving a trace. It is striking that such a simple application has such high precision since if you do the editing with care, you will not notice that you have removed any element from the photograph.

The application has a price of 1.99 euros, a very tight figure taking into account the potential it has, and how much it can save photos ruined by someone or something that appears and we do not want to be present.

Download TouchRetouch



Accuweather for Android

While current terminals often come with their own weather applications, you may want to turn to a third party for more information. Accuweather is one of the classics among Android classics, with many customizable widgets and accurate weather information.

Weather is another of our favorites, with an extremely careful interface and accurate predictions. For the more traditional, the application of El Tiempo is another of the classic ones, and it cannot fail if what you want is to check the weather in a simple way.

Download Accuweather

File Manager

File Manager for Android

Touch to talk about file management on Android. The stock versions have a very poor browser, so it may be necessary to purchase a third party. Luckily, knowing this lack, Google launched Google Files, a browser and file manager that we have already thoroughly analyzed.

Some interesting alternatives of File Manager are Solid Explorer, ASTRO and FX File Explorer; Simple, free and with access to all device folders.

Download File Manager



Pocket for Android

We have already spoken to you about Pocket on other occasions because it is one of the best platforms for saving content that we have seen since it is precisely used to save the articles you want from a website and then read them offline.

Without a doubt, it is a very good resource to be able to read later all those interesting articles that you read of past, but for those who do not have time at the precise moment in which you see them. It has a premium mode, but the truth is that you can access almost all functions with the free version.

In addition, saving content is as simple as pressing the “Share” button in Google Chrome, and later selecting “Add to Pocket.” And that easy, the page you are on will be stored in Pocket so you can read it offline as soon as you want.

Download Pocket


SofaScore for Android

One of the best apps if you like sports. You can follow the matches of your favorite teams or players. The best thing is that it has a wide variety of modalities, football, tennis, basketball, hockey, volleyball, handball, futsal, motorsports, darts … There will be no sport whose results you cannot follow live.

Its design is nice and simple, with some publicity, but it remains at the bottom of the screen and does not bother at all. In addition, you will have the option to bookmark players or teams so that SofaScore is responsible for notifying you of everything that happens with them.

Download Sofascore



Fintonic for Android

Keeping personal or company accounting can be a very laborious task. Thanks to Fintonic you can see all your expenses and income in a simple way, favoring a better control of your economy. It can be linked with your cards and accounts to check your available money, and also warns you if something strange happens in them. The app creates graphics and displays predictive alerts based on your usual movements.
A great alternative to Fintonic is Spendee. It allows you to monitor in detail the expense we have made on a monthly basis, as well as the income received. You can also set the categories you want, in addition to all the ones that already come – food, entertainment, health … – This way you will know what you spend and where you spend it.

The application is completely free, but if you want it to synchronize with your bank account you must checkout. Personally, I recommend using the free version even if you have to enter the expenses by hand, it is worth it.

Download Fintonic

Google Pay:

Google Pay for Android

When you get used to paying with your mobile, it’s hard to stop. It is very convenient to take your cell phone out of your pocket while you unlock it and pass it over the dataphone. You do not have to do anything else.

It is true that the Google platform is not compatible with all banks, but luckily most of them have their own application to pay with the mobile. The only requirement is that your smartphone has NFC, an increasingly common technology.

Download Google Pay


Wallet For Android

Following precisely the issue of payments, we reached my last essential application. Wallet will help you control all your expenses easily. It has a beautiful design and a lot of data with which you can be aware of all your finances.

Add your accounts and update them with all your expenses and income. At the end of the month, you will know what you have spent your money on, how to save, where your income has come from, what is your forecast of spending … etc. It is a great application if you want to improve your relationship with your money.

Download Wallet


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